Meet Our Selves


We are The Dice, a plural system of around nine. Plurality for us means we experience life as multiple different people sharing a body. We do not have much amnesia, so our communication is mainly around remembering thing others have thought or experienced.

We group a lot of our system members into sub-systems. Our personal understanding of that, for us, is that certain people are “closer” to each other in terms of switching in and out and sometimes we may have an idea that someone in that subsystem is fronting but not know who.

In those situations we’re happy to use the sub-system name as a first name.

This section will introduce some of the members of the system and tell you a bit about ourselves.


Domino (she/her) is a sub-system of three; Kayla, Finley and Juliet (she/her). We use she/her pronouns as Domino, even though we’re a subsystem, because everyone in the sub-system uses she/her pronouns (in full or in part).

Finley – she/he – Does the layout and art direction for all Rat Wave Game House stuff. Fan of Rugby League and Wheelchair Basketball. Maybe responsible for the most self-consciously weird stuff in our work.

Kayla – she/her – Into painting, clay models, wrestling and comic books. Any painted art in a Rat Wave Game House book is by Kayla. The melancholic tone of certain games probably comes Kayla.


Scales (they/them) is a sub-system consisting of Ace (they/he), Beth (she/they) and Jack (no pronouns).

We’ve noticed that both our solo games and any of our games that involve writing lots of prompts have much heavier Scales involvement.

Ace – he/him -Does the editing for most new Rat Wave Game House books (from Old Gods and Young Guns onwards).

Beth – she/they – Likes poetry, indie comics, and Ali Smith. Has written in-universe fictions or thematically appropriate poems as part of Rat Wave Game House books.

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