Mutual Aid Bundle for the Dice (hey that’s us)

This month I’m running a mutual aid bundle to raise some financial assistance for myself. Details of why I’m looking for assistance are on the bundle page (here) but here I wanted to run down the games included a link to various relevant actual plays, podcast appearances, and articles about some of the great stuff included here. I think this bundle is full of brilliant stuff from some of my favourite creators and is well worth the $15 for 24 games.

In addition to the 24 games in the bundle, if you send a DM with a bundle receipt to @JellyMuppet on twitter they’ll chuck you a free PDF thing in addition to all the goodness below.

Games and Links

The Sol Survivor by W.H. Arthur

A GM-less RPG for 3-6 players, played using a deck of playing cards. Inspired by Chinese Mythology, players share the role of a sun who was shot down from the sky. You tell the story of their journey to make it back to the heavens before the world is plunged into eternal darkness.

Here’s an unzipping and design commentary video on the game by Cezar Capacle:

Here’s an interview Arthur over at Alone in the Labrinth:

This Dicebreaker article on folklore in ttrpgs (by Linda Codega) discusses the Sol Survivor among other games: 

(On a personal note the Sol Survivor was a big source of inspiration for how I approached by own game Forecaster: The Body You Share, and I know it was an influence on Stealing the Throne too!)

DungeonDelvers.TV by KeganEXE

An OSR-inspired, post dungeon fantasy about streamers risking life and limb for maximum views.

Set in the world of High Magic Lowlives by Gemroom Games, and RADCrawl by Brandon Leon-Gambetta, DDTV has a rich fantasy world ripe with fun ideas, and plots that will be a hit at any table.

(Also shout out to Kegan specifically for gifting me a copy of the bundle, a very kind gesture)

At least two actual plays of DDTV exist (though given how it’s honestly a perfect game for streaming I imagine there may be more)

Plus One XPL: 

Top Shelf: 

Our Minerva by Clove Fulminata

Our Minerva is a GMless, slice-of-life tabletop roleplaying game about the athlete children of undead gods. It is the only game I’ve ever played with an accompanying picrew and is amazing innovative and a huge blast to play.

There’s a Dicebreaker article about OM (by Alex Meehan) you can find here: 

Goblin Country and Kobold Country by Biscuit Fund Games

Goblin Country is a game about adventure, magic, and family in a wide, wild world. Made in the GM-less Belonging Outside Belonging system, Goblin Country features five distinct playbooks, six setting elements and a Countdown Clock system designed to bring every session to a climactic finish.

I played Goblin Country at Dragonmeet and it was a huge blast to be a messed a little guy. Also included in the bundle is the expansion Kobold Country.

There are two actual plays of Goblin Country from Follow the Leader:

Transgender Deathmatch Legend and How to Embrace a Swamp Creature by Rat Wave Game House (that’s us)

These are the two games of ours we’ve included.

Transgender Deathmatch Legend is a hexcrawling beat-em-up for two players using a deck of playing cards. Kayla played the game with Jeff Stormer on Party of One which you can check out here: 

How to Embrace a Swamp Creature is a Belonging outside Belonging game of mentally ill swamp things in a deprived commuter town. Finley discussed the game (among other topics) on Draw Your Dice with Jeremy Gage which you can check out here: 

Mushi Melee by kumada1/SprintingOwl

Mushi Melee is an 84 page hot-blooded-but-cozy TTRPG about giant beetles and the trainers that befriend them.

You can find a multi-part video review starting here: 


DEATHGRIND!!MEGASTRUCTURE is a post-human, science fiction role-playing game inspired by Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME! and built on the Together We Go system. 

There’s an actual play of DG!!!MS over on Plus One: 

Star and City by Joel Happyhill

Star And City is a Cyberpunk Fantasy TTRPG based upon properties such as, Library Of Ruina, Chainsaw Man, Jujitsu Kaisen, Supernatural and more.

The gameplay and mechanics of Star and City put great focus on its main system of Conflict, using a card game esque series of clashing turns where each participant uses their many Skills and Powers to take advantage of the situations they find themselves in.

There’s a four part (so far) actual play series over on the RPG Fox starting here: 

Reliance: Interdependence and Inner Turmoil by  Adam Bell

In a time after a socialist revolution captured the power of the state in an industrial age city you take the roles of members of the revolutionary vanguard party in the period of rebuilding after the ruling capitalist forces were driven out of the city. From this point, it will take constant work and decades of struggle and action to build the society they fought for.

Reliance is formatted as two separate trifold brochures: one for the players and the other for the GM. Adam is also working on a third pamphlet with guidelines for the GM for running the game.

Adam discussed Reliance (along with another game of theirs; Grasping Nettles) on Draw You Dice with Jeremy Gage which can check out here: 

Locomotive by SirHeckaLot

Locomotive works as both a self contained collaborative storytelling game and a system-agnostic adventure. The players board a train that can travel through time and space. The game in turn often deals with heavier themes including loss, grief, and other emotionally painful subjects.

A playthrough of Lovemotive (as an adventure/mashup for/with Enter the Survival Horror) can be found here: 

Gambler’s Heart and Frankenmonster Creaturestein by Dice Kapital

UK based small-press Dice Kapital has put two games into the bundle.

In Gambler’s Heart you play magical gamblers fighting against a clandestine organisation dedicated to destroying chance itself. Play involves a miniaturised poker game played with dice rather than cards.

In Frankenmonster Creaturestein you play a group of monster trying to stop the terrible plans of the rogue scientist who created you. You build your monsters in a game of exquisite corpse, your body parts are linked to your skills and you can swap body parts with other monsters.

Dice Kapital released a video on both games: 

Lake Town Blues by TheInstaGrahame

A business card sized game (from the Tiny Library collection) where you create Lake Town, filling it with people and secrets. It’s inspired by The Hobbit and was played on Pod of Wonder here:

TheInstaGrahame also included two other games; the ashcan edition of Concerned Third Party, a Powered by Charge game inspired by Person of Interest, and The Riverboat Conspiracy, a murder mystery adventure for ARC by Momatos.

The rest of the games included in the bundle are

Across the Waves to You by Logan Timmins (breathingstories)

A micro-ttrpg about a merfolk travelling to their landwalking love

No Wizards Here!! by Blinking Birch Games (Sam Leigh)

A lighthearted TTRPG about wizards pretending to be humans to save Earth from a WIZARD BEAST.

Hinterlands: Peoples and Perils by Chris Angell

A system-neutral wilderness exploration zine for fantasy games, funded as part of Zine Quest 3.

HOST: Until the Light Takes Us and UNTAPPED TALENT by Running from Skeletons

HOST is a solo journaling game (using a deck of cards) about experiencing apocalyptic events as the world transforms in bizarre ways.

UNTAPPED TALENT is a game for simulating an entire wrestling promotion. You play out individual matches with a deck of cards as a trick taking game (using the Fight Card System), with a variety of different move oracles for different kinds of wrestlers.

Alone Among Trees by Armanda

A solo journaling horror game about being lost in a dark forest with little chance of surviving. The themes of this game explore fear, disgusting sensations, resignation, being lost, becoming prey, death and abandonment so be aware.

The Bonesworks by Cats Have No Lord

This is a setting guide for wendi yu’s game here, there, be monsters! (published by SoulMuppet) including two factions, one location and six artefacts. The Charred Bones of murdered factory workers have chased their oppressors out and seized the husk of their former opression as The Boneworks.

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