Forecaster: The Body You Share – Example of Play

Forecaster: The Body You Share, a roleplaying fighting game of selves-discovery, is coming out at the end of the month. We previewed the game earlier on here, but today we’re posting the Example of Play from the game to give you a sense of how things can work.

Example of Play

Jack, Theo and Fatima are in the middle of a game of Forecaster: The Body You Share. They’re using the sample characters, Rivers Pride, a system comprising River, Lake, Rain and Brooke. They’re starting their third scene; their next card on their journey trail is the Jack of Diamonds. This is the second time a Jack has come up. The Jack corresponds to Tad Addo on the Opponent Oracle and the Diamonds means they’re revisiting this opponent with a point to prove. Rivers lost their first fight against Tad so the group decide it’s simply a matter of wanting to win. Specifically they decide Rain is the one who wants to go back, even though he objected to even attempting the journey. Fatima is playing the Front for the first time, and given that Rain is who initiated this they decide she’ll be fronting. Theo played Tad in the first fight so Jack asks to be the Opponent for this round.

Jack sets the scene. Tad is preparing to leave town after finishing faer Forecasting business and defeating Rivers. Jack describes a station where Tad will catch a train that leads out through the electric underground. Fatima describes how Rain runs through the station, jumping the barriers and cuts Tad off as trains roar around them both. Theo describes how a co-concious Brooke needles him about how hard she tried to catch up, how this is actually starting to matter to her. Rain avoids answering that, but asks Brooke to focus on trying to actually beat Tad. Jack describe how Tad seems bored of this, and considered things closed already, but will entertain the fight until faer train arrives. Rain iniates the fight by going straight for an attack so Fatima and Jack draw 11 cards each. They then draw a Trump Suit, the the Two of Diamonds, which maps with Rain starting the fight.

Because Fatima initiated the fight she leads the first trick. Fatima plays the Nine of Diamonds which maps to a Back Hand Strike. None of Jack’s Diamond cards are higher then the Nine so they played their lowest Diamond,  the Three of Diamonds, to avoid losing a card that could win a trick. The Three maps to an attempt Toe Kick. Fatima describes how Rain nails Tad with the Back Hand Strike in the face to start things off. Tad tries to retaliate with a Toe Kick but Rain catches it, and launches them back into the air. Tad lands gracefully and they both enter ready poses. Fatima describes the scene as if music kicks in here and the characters are shown like in a 2D fighting game as they prepare for the next beat. The Nine had an active trump effect (Exchange a card with your opponent, they pick at random) so they resolve that before moving on. Fatima picks their lowest card, the Two of Spades, to exchange with a random card of Jack, which turns out to be the Seven of Hearts.

Fatima leads the next trick and also wins, then on the third trick Jack claims a win. Jack leads the fourth trick and plays the Eight of Diamonds. Fatima checks her hand, she’s out of Diamonds. She knows she’ll lose this trick whatever so decides to play one of her lower card, the Six of Clubs. Jack asks if he can interpret it so the switch actually happens after the action, rather than before, which Theo and Fatima are both on board with. Jack describes how Rain tries to take control with a Spinning Back Elbow, but Tad simply catches it in a block, spins her  back around then takes her down with a Sweep Kick, accompanied by a miniature tornado of wind. Theo points out that the last time they faced Tad had held back from using any Forecasting, but that’s changed now and asks Jack why they think that is. Jack thinks for a bit and decides that when Tad completed faer ritual fae thought people were holding back, and it irritated fae. Tad senses that same irritation in Rain and decides to let loose, out of respect. Fatima thinks Rain can’t really see that and is getting angry to the extent that Lake decides to switch in to keep things cool. Fatima suggests what Lake says as they switch in, telling Rain not to focus on Tad, but focus on how they move. Neither the Eight or the Four had active trumps, but because a non-matching suit was played it’s time to draw a new Trump Suit. Theo draws off the top until a new suit appears, the Ace of Hearts. Theo asks if River ( the system member matched to Hearts) will switch in now or when it’s time to attack. Fatima decides River switches in straight away, after Brooke helps calm Rain down, River jumps in and rolls away from Tad, taking a slightly wide walk to catch a breath. 

They play out a few more tricks. The trump suit card is still the Ace of Hearts and Jack is leading the trick, but they’re out of Hearts. They still have some good Clubs left so decide to lead with the Five of Clubs, they’ll likely lose the trick but can influence the next trump suit to go their way because of the active trump effect (Use a card from this trick as the next Trump Suit). Fatima is actually also out of Hearts but does have the Five of Diamonds, and plays that to stalemate the trick. Jack and Fatima set the stalemated trick aside. Jack resolves the trump effect  first and places the Five of Clubs as the new trump suit but Fatima resolves the same effect after and replaces it with the Five of Diamonds. They decide to defer describing what happens until someone claims the stalemated trick.

Jack leads again (as they most recently won a trick) and plays the Ten of Diamonds. Fatima responds with the Jack of Diamonds. The stalemated Fives corresponded to Knife Hand Strikes so Fatima describes how Rain switches in and begins to trade a flurry of strikes with Tad. Both knock each other in the throat and joints, neither blocking. They both fall, wounded, to their knees. Tad tries to break the stalemate by launching into a Flying Knee Strike but Rain moves first, jumping above Tad and brings them to the ground with a Downward Elbow right to the head. Fatima describes how the train tunnels crackle with strange lightning as Tad’s train arrives. It’s time for one of them to finish this soon. Fatima claims both this trick and the stalemated one.

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