Forecaster: The Body You Share – Preview

Today we’re going to talk about our entry for the Fight Card Game Jam, a roleplaying fighting game called Forecaster: The Body You Share. You will embark on a journey of selves-discovery. You play an apprentice Forecaster, preparing to go on a journey to spar with opponents in preparation of your graduation ritual, where you’ll open your singular self to a nature spirit and let them join in with you. You’ll be a full blown Forecaster, able to physically spar with weather spirits and prevent natural disasters. If the ritual succeeds. The thing is, you suspect this may fail, as you are not one singular person. You are more than one.

The base rules of fights are the same as Transgender Deathmatch Legend but the way you meet opponents involves drawing from the deck and laying a spread of opponents, the 13 faces corresponding to 13 opponents on an oracle. If you encounter an opponent again the suit indicates how your journey has brought you back here. It’s an approach inspired by The Sol Survivor by W.H. Arthur. Instead of set characters you rotate roles and take turns telling the story of the whole system (meaning the game supports more than two players more innately than TDL).

It’s our third game which is explicitly concerned with representing plurality in play, after Plural Witchcraft Highland Rampage and How to Embrace a Swamp Creature.

It’s a very personal game, about having to face the uncertainty of whether something you want and care about is going to work out like you hoped, but placed in a magical realist contemporary setting full of stylised fights and oddball characters.

It’s out before the end of the month so watch this space!

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